Our purpose is to help councils and their partners to improve the health, quality of life and opportunities of all people in Scotland through community leadership, strong local governance and the delivery of high quality, efficient local services.

We do this by delivering a range of products and providing advisory services, including consultancy and facilitation, learning and skills, performance management and improvement and research.

Our key priorities are:

  • To ensure that councils and their partners have the tools and the evidence base to set priority outcomes, monitor performance against these outcomes, and realign resources to achieve them.
  • To ensure that councils and their partnerships have the capacity and the evidence base for rigorous self-assessment of services, programmes and partnerships, and the ability to link assessment to improvement planning and delivery.
  • To improve councils' and partnerships' access to robust evidence on cost and performance benchmarks and baselines as a basis for targeting change and improvement initiatives.
  • To ensure that change programmes are efficient and effective by supporting business case development, change programme design and leadership and benefits realisation.
  • To ensure effective information, evidence, expertise and peer support is available to support adoption of new service models and approaches that reduce costs and improve impacts and outcomes.
  • To reduce the cost and increase the quality of training and development opportunities for elected members, managers and staff through shared development, joint commissioning and making available high quality materials on an e-learning basis.
  • To provide local government with analytical and research support to help shape the forward context in ways that enable positive change and improvement at local level.
  • To work in partnership with other improvement services and resources to deliver better and more cost effective support to councils and their partnerships.