Make a difference to someone’s life

The Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership (EHSCP) works alongside a wide range of organisations across Edinburgh who deliver social care support services. This page has been created to bring together opportunities for a career in care in Edinburgh in one place. EHSCP is co-ordinating this page, but the jobs are with a wide variety of care organisations who work in Edinburgh.

Adult social care - a rewarding job

Working in adult social care means you’ll help someone to stay in their own home or perhaps support them in another homely setting, such as a care home. 

You’ll help people live as full and independent a life as possible and also help their unpaid carers and family have time to themselves and get on with their lives too.

Each day you’re doing something truly worthwhile, something to be proud of. It’s an excellent career for people who like helping others. It’s not only rewarding for you, but you can make a positive difference in the community you live and work in.

What you’ll be doing

You can support a diverse group of people including those who are older, have physical or learning disabilities or may be experiencing poor mental health and wellbeing.

Working to help different people with unique needs and personalities means that you’ll build individual relationships with each person you meet and support. The job is varied and can involve lots of different tasks like supporting people to:

  • manage personal care tasks like washing, dressing and meal preparation
  • regain skills and independence following a period of ill health or injury.
  • manage their day to day routines both in their home and communities.

You may also work with people, their families and other professionals to make sure they have the right care plan in place. Sometimes the job can be challenging but the rewards are immense.

If you want to find out more about why you should choose a career in adult social care, visit the care to care website