Building Services

Each local authority may have a different structure or grouping of these services provided, the title of service provision and job titles may vary but here is a generalised overview of each:

Planning and Building Standards

Local authorities play an important role in planning and influencing changes to the local built and natural environment. Planning departments are responsible for aspects such as development planning, how the local environment could change to best meet the need of residents. Development management, how proposed plans meet the needs of the community and local development plans/policy, while also considering any impact on nature and historic buildings/sites. Building standards is a function required to ensure regulations are adhered to, to provide safe, sustainable and efficient development.

Planning Officers require a degree in Town & Country Planning and membership with the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI), other roles include Planning Enforcement Officer, Planning Technician and Planning Assistant.

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Quantity and Building Surveying

Quantity surveyors work within the property and construction function of a local authority. They are responsible for calculating and managing the costs relating to building and refurbishment projects in order to forecast and manage a budget.

Building Surveyors are responsible for advising on the design and construction of new property as well as the condition and/or restoration of existing ones to ensure they comply with safety regulations.

Both the role of Quantity and Building Surveyor require a surveying degree accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS) and membership on completion. Other roles withing surveying may include Surveying Technician and Trainee Technician.

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Local authority Architects create structural plans and design on local projects such as new buildings or extensions and refurbishment of existing ones. From a design brief they will produce cost effective and efficient plans to meet the specifications and needs of sustainable local projects.

Architects require a degree in Architecture and membership of the Architecture Registration Board (ARB) Other roles include Architectural Technician and Trainee Architect

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