There are many roles in local authorities that are involved in the provision of education to the community:

  • Primary Teaching & Secondary Teaching
  • Specialist Support Teachers
  • Pupil Support Assistants
  • Pre School/Nursery Education

Each local authority may have a different structure or grouping of these services provided, the title of service provision and job titles may vary but here is a generalised overview of each:

Primary & Secondary Teaching

With over 5000 schools in Scotland, teaching is a highly rewarding career if you are creative, patient and enjoy working with young people. Aside from these personal qualities you will need the formal qualifications and registration to become a Teacher. There are two types qualification, both university based:

  • a four-year undergraduate programme
  • a one-year postgraduate course, the Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), for those who already hold a degree

Primary teachers plan and deliver the national curriculum across all subject for children aged 4 – 12 and secondary teachers will specialise in a subject, planning and delivering the curriculum for that area to children aged 12 – 17.

Specialist Support Teachers

As qualified teachers, specialist support involves providing additional support to children who may have learning difficulties or require some extra assistance with their learning in the classroom. Specialist support teachers may be based in a dedicated special school for children with learning disabilities or in a main stream primary or secondary school.

Pupil Support Assistants

Pupil support assistants play an important role in supporting pupils with their learning and development in the classroom, in both primary and secondary schools, with less formal qualifications required.

Pre-School/Nursery Education

Nursery education is provided to pre-school children aged 3-5, with a varied level of qualifications required, most commonly SCQF Level 7/SVQ 3 Social Services (Children & Young people), early years educators provide the first stages of nurtured learning and development to young children, in a nursery environment, preparing them for the next steps into primary school. Some roles in pre-school education include Senior Early Years Practitioner, Early Years Practitioner, Early Years Support Worker, Early Years Officer.

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A career in Teaching will require relevant recruitment checks including a Disclosure Scotland PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) check to be undertaken by your employer and registration with the General Teaching Council of Scotland (GTCS).

This document will provide you with further information on Teaching in Scotland: GTCS Teach in Scotland Booklet

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Education goes beyond teaching roles and the below list shows some of the types of jobs available:

  • Educational Psychology
  • Community Learning & Development

Educational Psychology

Educational psychologists practice the application of psychological theory and principles in order to help children, young people and families to fulfill their full learning, social and emotional potential. As a qualified Educational Psychologist, a post-graduate professional qualification in educational psychology is required alongside registration with the Health and Care Professions Council, other roles can include Senior Educational Psychologist and Research Assistant.

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Community Learning & Development

Community Learning & Development (CLD) in local authorities is delivered in accordance with Scottish Government legislation and priorities. CLD staff work through community based learning to deliver positive change in communities and in the personal lives of young people and adults including through accredited learning. CLD Workers require a professional qualification in Community Learning and Development as recognised by the CLD Standards Council for Scotland. CLD Teams would include posts such as Senior CLD Worker, CLD Worker and CLD Assistant.

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Further roles within Education

Aside from these educational roles there are many other vital jobs required to ensure schools and nurseries can function and so learning can be delivered in the community some of these include:

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